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© J.O.Azarenko

The First:
I with Dardanel (Trakehner)

When I subscribe at the end of page " © J.O.Azarenko. " - I want to emphasize that work which has been made on gathering and processing of all this information: texts, descriptions, photos, etc. I do not appropriate authorship of another's ideas and rights on images. I just want to emphasize all, that all this material have found, have translated and endeavor to present in the most convenient and substantial kind - I.

It is a little about itself:

About myself I can tell one phrase - "I am ill" by horses!

And if is detailed...

I am an Akhal-Teke horsy!

My character is unpredictable. I can answer with a smile for horsewhip and kick for sweety. That who will find to me the approach will be the happiest person. However if he will not please something to me - let be careful sharp hoofs. I can obey without a bridle, and I can not obey a mouthpiece. I am always obstinate and I achieve the.

Learn, what you a horse?

And if is serious...

My name is Julija. I live in capital of Belarus - the city - hero Minsk. Studied in high school №75 with an architectural - art bias. After its ending has join (as will not seem strange) in Belorus State University on physical faculty which has ended in 2000.

It is possible to tell, that the love to horses was transferred me at a genic level! My great-grandfather was before revolution (1917) was harness-maker master, had own horse and as the grandmother told, a phaeton. Besides harness-maker's was engaged also in carrying, but with arrival of the Soviet authority with such "luggage" it was possible to get in "fists" and, to not leave a housekeeping, there was he to work on emergency - horse it was at that time.

And if in two generations following the great-grandfather these genes "slept", in me they "have woken up" in all one's beauty:
Favourite animal - the Horse!
The favourite book - Chapaev's death (on each page there were illustrations with horses)!
Favourite toy - The Plush Horsy!
The most cherished dream of the childhood - Own horse!

In spite of the fact that all in several kilometers from Minsk - in Ratomka prepare for sportsmen - horseman, me there to be engaged have not let... The Main argument was - " you will fall - you will break a neck! "

Also that you would think - I have grown, have received higher education, have married, have given birth to the child and only after that all the same realized the dream - BEGAN TO be ENGAGED in RIDING!!!!

And this site has been created by me mainly for itself... The Husband has suggested to place at on a general review in the Internet. So look, estimate, and write, if there are any discrepancies... In fact it was created not by the professional, and only "were ill" by horses the person...

ICQ:   313367424
Skype Name: juju-iz-minska
Write to me if what not so...

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© J.O.Azarenko